Today is one of those – UGH – days. The day when all of the things that have been bothering you all week catch up to you. The day when all the bad news you've listened to about your friends lives affects you. The day when all the running around you've done has made you exhausted. It's just one of those days where you want nothing more than to sit on your couch eating bon-bons, watching Lifetime movies and ignoring your phone. 

Now, the problem is that bon-bons are not forecasted in my budget, I cut my cable months ago to stay focused on my multiple job searches (one for here to save money & one for Paris so I can have income – Immediatement) and, well, I've been lucky that my phone hasn't rung much today. 
So, I spoke to Smith in hopes that she'd be able to help me get out of this mood and well, she wasn't helpful because she too was in a bit of a funk. We complained about our lives on the phone for an hour or so and decided that she'd come over – where we could commiserate some more (me providing the wine – she's providing Pirate's Booty & a french film). Still at a loss for what to do while waiting for her to come over and still hating my being in this mood – I turned to my computer. 
For the last couple of days I've been actively reading a blog on here – funny enough – titled 'la fille en rose'. It's written by this former New Yorker who ups her life and moves to France. I'm completely addicted. Which is funny seeing as how much I hate reality tv – I typically don't see myself as a voyeristic sort of person. But I can't get enough of reading about her life. The trials and tribulations of getting the paperwork that's needed, finding an apartment and all of her travels. It's addictive. 
And thanks to her – I've gotten my mojo back for the day. I had gotten to the place in her blog where in 2007, her teaching assistanceship ends and she returns to New York. She hates being back (I can relate) and is trying to figure out a way to go back. She doesn't write her blog for 2 months and then poof – she's back and she's moving for good. 
She has heart. She has drive and she's inspired me. I've got to shake off all the crap from this week. The crap text message that Bernie sent – forget about! The phone calls from 2 friends with news that their marriages are falling apart – I can't worry about it! The fact that I've sent out over 20 resumes and have heard nothing – send out 20 more and it'll happen! The fact that my brother is incredible worried about my standing single status and keeps giving me unasked for advice – let it roll of my back! 
I'm getting down to business. Throwing open the books I have about moving to Europe and get to work because I can't lose focus on the end prize. That by December 31, 2009 I need to be packed up and out of my apartment because I'm heading to France!! So, off I go to work on my CV and placing a DO NOT DISTURB sign around me.

Well, that is until Smith comes with Pirate's Booty

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