In tough economic times everyone has to pull there weight in a household. When that household is just a party of one then it is your sole responibilty. How does one cut back? What can you do without?

I've been asking myself that question a lot these past couple of months. No more laundry pickup service. I started to do my own laundry to save a couple bucks (though, it's more like, I let it pile up and fly to Florida with it once the pile has gotten to big, where I do it for free at my folks), also I'm doing without cable,(and seeing as how you can watch almost anything the next day on-line it really isn't that big a sacrifice) those are really the only things I've cut from my lifestyle. 
This week, I took out my winter clothes and put all of summer into storage. I had a pile of things that need to be dry cleaned. I put away cute sandals and took out boots, noticing four need to be reheeled. I also have hats and thick socks that need to be mended, as well as a shortage of long sleeve t-shirts, long johns and a great desire for a new black leather handbag. I blinked and all I saw were dollar signs. I still need a social life and food to eat which requires more cash. Mama, is not made of money!!
What's a mademoiselle to do?
Why, be resourceful!! Roll-up her sleeves and do some things herself. 
Two of the boots I had came with an extra pair of the black heel attachment. I took out my tool box and fixed the suckers myself. DONE! I actually have a mini-sewing kit, put needle to thread and sewed (badly, yes, but you can only notice it if you look real close. And if you're that close, best be doing something more than checking out the stitching on my wardrobe.). DONE! As for the sweaters, I had them dry cleaned before putting them away for the season. So, for now, I'm getting that Febreze bottle and giving them a quick spritz to get the 'I've been stored for a while' smell out of them and moving on…DONE


Now a single mademoiselle needs a social life. Eating out. Luckily most of my friends like super cheap, crap food. Carab and I tend to hit a couple bars on the UES that have wing & drink specials. My fav – Rathbones, where on Wednesday's they have a .25 cent wing special. DONE! On my own, I'm very basic but decided I needed to branch out beyond pasta or cereal for dinner. This week I actually brought pork chops and made a whole meal. Shocking but good and, all in all, it cost me $12.00 (plus I got left overs). DONE! Then there's going out for drinks. In this large metropolis, drinks can run ten to fifteen bucks for vodka and tonic water, unreal I know (because they're like chips – can never have just one). Well, thanks to my sister, who gave me a couple of small, purse friendly bottles, I am now bringing my own liquor to the party. That's right, I can order a tonic water at the bar – pay three bucks – calmly walk into the rest room (or dark corner, or casually bring my drink under the dark bar) and add my own Skyy vodka. DONE! 

Now, if I could just learn how to make my own black leather handbag, I'd be golden but that's what saving money is for, to get the REALLY important stuff!

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