The sweetness of silence. Is something you hold dear to your heart when you are thrown out of it. Currently, I'm watching my three 4 year old nephews and as I am sitting here listening to cars, trucks, bricks being thrown throughout their play room as well as, just the endless screaming (which is really them just talking) combined with increments of whining because someone took one of their cars, trucks or bricks once it was no longer air borne and of course, crying because eventually someone is hit with one of the flying cars, trucks or bricks once it is in flight for the second time. 

With all this noise around, all one can do (well, all I do) is think about the sweet silence of an apartment not too far away. An apartment currently empty. An apartment that does not contain any toys or small children. Where one can sleep past the eight am wake up call of where I am now. A place where there are high fiber cereals rather than sugar concoctions that fills the fridge here (which probably explains the high burst of energy as soon as breakfast is eaten. I mean why does everything they eat seem to get syrup added to it?). 
Now, I LOVE these little guys and I NEED quiet – see the predicament I'm in. Currently I'm holed up in the guest room for a few, rare minutes of muffled silence but there are screams coming from the playroom, apparently they're wondering where their auntie is hiding….

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