I was in a room full of adults tonight. 

It was the Kelvins going away party (the family of three and a half are moving to San Francisco and I'm pleased to have people to stay with when I visit soon). All the party participants had careers, were married and most were having (or already had) their second child. As I stood around holding my gimlet, listening to endless stories of cesareans, journeys taken with the hubby (or wife) or office experiences, I wondered how much longer can I be in this suspended adolescence.
Is it the lack of a career? Or a long term relationship? Or the ownership of property? Or children? Or something to take care of like a plant or a dog? Or is it the right combination that's needed – career & relationship or property & dog, to become a full fledge adult?!?
The saving grace is Stumpf. My good friend from college and the reason I'm incorporated into this circle of high minded, well employed, overly fertile adults (most of my other friends are in the same boat as me). Yes, she is married and that's where it ends for her. The whole night she kept whispering to me how she was the 'brokest person in the room' and how the Kelvin's have 'such wealthy friends – her not included'. Lucky for her, I think I may have been the brokest person in the room. After all, she does have a job, actually two and a husband; to combat that she told me of her dream from the other night. 
She and her husband went out to eat. When they gave their credit cards to pay, the server came back and cut them up at the table. To pay for the meal eaten, she had to work for the restaurant for a week. Actually, it sounds like a nightmare. I gave her a big hug. She did have me beat and I gave her another hug because I use to have that nightmare when I was in my twenties. 
If what I listed above is what makes you an adult, then she and her hubby are suspended like me and l'm thankful for the company. 

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