As the good catholic I was raised in the hopes of being, I always remember that the day after Halloween is All Saints Day. In observance of the holiday, one is to go to church and remember the saints that sacrificed for them. Those brave souls who were able to go without for the greater good or who suffered great harm to show people a better way.

Funny enough I did just that today, in a way. I went and stood outside in chilly temperatures, to cheer on runners at the NYC marathon today. Think my linking runners to saints is a bit much. I beg to differ. 
As I stood on the curb, I was in awe of the sacrifices that had to be made all year long to get to this point. Sacrifices, I am not willing to take on. I was a sprinter in high school and was usually forced out of bed, by my dad or my coach. I wasn't one of those runners who sprang out of bed for a pre-workout workout. I dragged my feet to practice and I'm sure that I bitched for the first half hour once there. I thought about volunteering initially but then realized, in most cases, you needed to be on the course way before the running starts and sometimes far from where you live. I decided getting up and out of my bed by ten, going around the corner and cheering on 124th and 5th was the best way I can honor them. I did put my heart and soul into cheering and tears welled up for the disabled participants as well as, for those who were struggling but doing their best to keep going. I salute them all. 


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