So a vendor delivers an incredible large giftbox of chocolates to my office to say 'thank you for your business' for the holidays…and when I looked across the office space at the cubicles, it was like a round of 'smack the weasel' that you once played as a kid. Everyones heads began to poke above the cubicles and inquiry began to happen. "What is it?" "Who sent us stuff?" "Is it fruit or chocolate?"

When I looked up again all the cubes were empty, no more heads poking up. Where had they all gone? The kitchen. I lean back while still sitting in my seat (since I sit across from it) look inside and the whole office is now around a table of chocolate and cookies, scarfing it down as if it's the last supper.

If ever you want to wipeout an entire office of people – this is the method to be used. Just sayin…. 



I'd be the last (wo)man standing (really sitting) watching in amusement from the comfort of my cube…I am no lamb!

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