I started off this blog on a quest to leave New York City for Paris, France. It was all I could think about earlier this year; wanting to start a new year off in a new place with new prospects. I wanted to start off 2010 in a way I haven't in years decades with a sense of positivity. 
In the spring, I had started by getting a french tutor. However, Madame Tutor took off for a summer vacation (written about in an earlier post) and on her return I was too busy to resume our lessons. I had brought material to practice french at home but all it did was add endless more words to an already expansive french vocabulary which doesn't help the fact, that it still takes me ten minutes to construct 1 sentence in french in my head. I went to french meetups where I was told that unless my french improved there'd be no way any company would hire me. 
With that advice, I changed coarse and began to focus on teaching english. A job I use to scoff at was now holding my only salvation for getting to France. Beginning to look into that coarse of action didn't make matters easier. The program through the French Consulate - I am too old for; other programs I have no experience to qualify for; or I'd need to drop some dough on an ESL certificate, which took me back to where I started. 
Thanks to Smith, I decided that if I couldn't work in France perhaps another french speaking country would have to do – Belgium became the new focus. Sure, not as glamourous nor did I have anything really positive to say when I went there on vacation but hey, it was better than spending another year talking about how everything is the same and my wanting to move to Europe. I decided to overlook the fact that the only claim to fame in Brussels is the lil boy peeing into a fountain or that they are known much more for beer than wine or that some of the best chocolate is in Bruges where they speak flemish and not Brussels or that it isn't France because you have to roll with the punches. And in the end, if I work there for a year, I'd then have the experience to work in France. Sure, one year later but I'd get there none the less. 

Needless to say, I was silly in thinking it would be that easy (the fact that I've spoken english my whole life and went to NYU wasn't quite cutting it as viable experience there either). Somewhere in October, I realized that my plan of action wasn't really working. A new plan was hatched. 
Now, not long ago, before the whole 'France or bust' idea came to be, I was entertaining the idea of graduate school. I researched programs and debated with myself what I'd want to study (should it be fashion management, directing/producing/screenwriting or drop all the fanciful creative stuff and become a shrink?). The whole debating thing got out of hand, added to the idea of getting myself deeper in debt with student loans, I dropped the whole idea. But then October came and it resurfaced. 
"I could get to Paris much easier if I simply applied to graduate school" and with that thought, off I went. Picking up the research where I had left off, it once again was hitting a dead end. I decided that if I wanted to study film making (screenwriting and production – so that way the last four years of random film work I had done would count for something – plus I love movies) but everything I found in France was for undergraduates. I needed to branch out and with the search opened to all of Europe, possibilites arose. 
To make this long story short, I found an ideal program (ideal for me, someone who after graduating undergrad swore to never return to school) at University of Westminster which is where I'll be going at the end of January – January 26th to be exact. I knew it was right because the program is for one year, in London (which is no Paris but – to me – still an amazing city), affordable when compared to U.S. programs, starts the first week of February (rather than in September like almost all other schools) and it all fell into place just the way something should, when it's right for you.

Of course, there's still lots of things to sort out: sublet New York city apartment or give it up, where to live once in London, what is going to be my main story focus for the year. But I gotta tell you, I'm just basking in the idea of starting this new year with something actually new. Wish me luck!!!
Hmm, should I change the blog name to Dame Pierre rather than Mademoiselle Pierre?!? 

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