Since making my annoucement time has been going at the pace of an Amtrak train…super fast! I awoke at to the shock that today is already THURSDAY!! How did that happen. Wasn't it just Monday yesterday? Dear god, tomorrow's Friday and then another weekend is here again. Leaving me with two weeks before I part.

If everything goes ok, that is.

So for the first time in a long time I want time to slow down…correction…need it to slow down.

I've almost found someone to sublet the apartment but only until mid-August (I'm holding out to find someone for the FULL year). I haven't told my nephews that I'm moving yet and am not prepared for the crying fit, I most likely will have, when their sweet little four year old selves ask "but WHY are you leaving?". I haven't even begun to go through the mounds of clothes and shoes I have since I know I can't take them all with me. Plus the added bonus that many of my friends what to hang out before I go…I can't do the weekend in Montauk, brunches in Brooklyn, meetups afterwork that I've been invited to…

Unless someone out there can make time slow down. I beg you…(or split me in four, yup, I think four of me would work wonders).

Though on the brightside, this insanely boring job will be over sooner. Not that I'm shitting on this gig, after all, it has helped get what little I have done – done. Where would I have faxed and gotten free postage to do most of what has needed to be faxed and mailed. Never you mind the phone minutes saved by not having to use my cell but rather the lovely landline I have access to here. Because of that, I ignore how I have to listen to the people next to my cubicle make endless phone calls about a product taken before one has a colonscopy that has done damage to its users – where they have to ask 'So after taking 'oral blah/blah soda' how were your bowel movements, Mame? Hmm, how long did the diarrhea last? (pause) Oh, wait, describe that consistency again? (long pause) Ok, and then you were constipated, yes…yes, I understand." because you've got to put up with a lot to get the free paper, faxing services, photocopy machine usage and office supplies but for those few hours, time can't go by fast enough….and then I'm back to my life where I need it to halt. What's a girl to do? 

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