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Last night (thanks to Daily Candy) Carab, Jacobs and I went out to watch a free movie that will be opening up this weekend. When I sent the ladies the invite Jacobs wrote "Sure!  Looks predictable, but Matthew Goode is hot so why not." My response "My thought EXACTLY!"

Matthew Goode  Look at him…yum!

Anyway, Leap Year is the flick starring Matthew Goode a super cute Brit (though he plays super sexy Irish guy in movie) and Amy Adams a supremely funny and talented actress who decided to waste their time and talent on this lackluster film.

Predictable was an understatement. One can handle predictable but did it also have to have a poorly written female character, an insanely stupid storyline, lacklaster jokes and the classic but incredibly boring 'happy ever after' ending?



Now I know from friends who've written and sold scripts….well, I know from the 1 friend that I have that wrote and sold a screenplay, that what you initally wrote may not make it to the screen. Changes are made, new writers hired and then while shooting more changes are made; the director wants this instead, the actors adjust that…changing YOUR amazing tale (that you toiled over for months) into some other insipid, trite lovestory that should have gone straight to DVD with a one star rating on Netflix.

I'm sure you're asking yourself 'Could it have really been that bad?" 

Well, we laughed…correction, Carab laughed at the one Louie joke told several times, I laughed at how incredibly bad the scenery was in a driving scene as well as, the fact that she was walking miles in 3 inch heels even though she trailed a suitcase behind her where she must have had something more sensible to wear, while Jacobs frowned, wanting to slap Anna (Amy Adams' character) due to how annoying she ways.

So, while watching this I leaned over to my two buddies and vowed to never write crap like this (or Made of Honor , Confessions of a Shopaholic or Did You Hear About the Morgans?) . And I extend that promise to you all too. What happens to it once it leaves my hands is another story but I hope that I have the drive to fight tooth and nail to not have my name attached to dribble like Leap Year.

Check out the NY Times review here: http://movies.nytimes.com/2010/01/08/movies/08leap.html?emc=eta1 what they say is true. 

*This promise may become NULL AND VOID of course when I'm a new graduate and up to my eyeballs in debt, when I'll write anything anyone wants for a hot meal….time will tell.

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