There's a decision that is pressing on many a friends mind…and they keep texting me to ask:

"When's the going away party?"

This is, if you know me, a very valid question to ask – I love a good party. I've thrown several. Any reason would do normally. But since stating that I'm leaving the U.S. for an indefinite amount of time, one thing that I've had very little desire to do is plan a party.

It's funny, most of the people who are incredible into a big goodbye thing are the people I don't see that often. The people who matter to me, the people I see all the time – I've already seen and have most likely already been saying bye to…funny, they are also the people who will be calling me on Skype and try to come visit. All the others…I can careless about.

I can't believe how many people (mainly people it is incredible hard to nail down throughout the year or those who are constantly canceling on me) have shown such an interest in seeing me off. Is that how it's done? Pay little attention to someone throughout the year but then, once they are leaving, suddenly show them how important they are. Guess that's why funerals are so popular.

Added to the fact that I had a girls nite in party not too long ago. That party was a blast. To me (though no one really knew it yet) that was my going away party. My closest friends (my sister even flew in from Texas) came and it was a night of jokes, drunkiness, outrageous performances (courtsey of Cosca's traveling karaoke machine) and hysterical pictures (see below).

So I think I'm leaving New York with an unexpected whimper and not the usual bang… 





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