I get up in the morning, usually late, and have to hurry and rush to work. *Here's my day once I get there.

9:10: Sign in at the front desk for 9 because, really, ten minutes late is on-time in my book.

9:15: at desk, turn on computer, hang coat and head to the bathroom.

9:30: head to kitchen, get coffee and fruit (which is delivered free in the beginning of the week which is a great perk) .

9:35: back at desk, where I am now sharing niceities with co-workers.

10:05: start up the internet and check personal items, ie: emails, bank account info and open up favorite blogs to read

10:33: open up other applications needed for work.

10:35: print out work emails for people who need to be called today

10:37: begin to make calls

10:40: having left two voicemail messages, go back to blogs. 1st one: The Sartorialist

10:45: email interesting pics to Smith.

10:50: Smith calls me and we chat.

11:10: back to work

11:15: bathroom break

11:20: talk to the women who works the front desk

11:30: back to work.

11:37: talk to Thomas, a coworker who sits in the cube behind me. We chat about his incredibly cute kid and my nephews.

12:00: the two guys who sit behind Thomas – get into an interesting conversation about the lastest blockbuster in theaters this weekend.

12:15: getting hungry, talk to the women who sits across from me about what to eat for lunch.

12:20: remember I brought in a sandwich. Make calls to coffee shops near work to hear what the soup of the day is. 

12:23: decision made, I go out to pick up soup.

12:30: eating lunch at desk where I pretend to be working so I can get paid through lunch.

12:45: while eating, crazy coworker Skinker (and that is his real name) begins to shout to know one and everyone at the same time.

1:00: I get drowsy.

1:10: really, really drowsy.

1:12: call Smith but she's not at her desk.

1:13: reading Jezebel; found funny article which I forward to friends.

1:25: reading Daily Candy forward some funny things to friends.

1:30: Skinker begins to yell at phone because it is ringing and he is busy.

1:35: create a question that needs to be addressed about the work I'm doing pertaining to a potential client and speak to lawyer about which helps to make it seem like I've been steadily working.

1:40: back to work.

1:45: stare off blankly at the large white column in front of me and imagine that soon I'll no longer be working here.

1:46: I sit and smile.

1:48: I get up and stretch.

1:47: Thomas, walking by my desk, gives me the thumbs up.

1:48: wonder if he has a thing for me.

1:49: I yawn.

1:50: Thomas makes some snark remark and we start joking.

1:55: back to work.

2:00: Smith calls back.

2:10: tell her to stop making me laugh.

2:12: I laugh louder.

2:28: attorney coming near my desk.

2:30: back to work.

2:45: scroll through Gumtree to see what apartment listings are in London right now.

2:50: go back and check personal email. Funny responses from friends about forwards sent.

3:00: more coffee needed.

3:05: Smith calls, to tell me she's getting to leave work early.

3:07: I curse Smith for such luck.

3:10: I'm laughing too loud, slink further down in my seat and whisper.

3:17: back to work.

3:20: tell coworkers about potential client just spoken to who said something insane. We all laugh.

3:28: more stories are exchanged – laughter ensues.

3:30: scrolling through Jezebel again.

3:35: more forwarding.

3:45: back to work.

4:00: done with work, just sit and try to look busy but am now reading the screenplay to Avatar.

4:12: Skinker is now asking one of the interns if she's been a 'naughty girl', I look on in disgust.

4:15: I see the lawyer I work with getting up from her cube, I hide the screenplay and open up a work related form.

4:16: having work related conversation – more work is given to me.

4:18: looking around the office everyone seems so focused on work. I wonder if they do what I do all day?

4:20: more personal emails to respond to.

4:22: Skinker says something about his wife.

4:23: I wonder – real or imaginery?

4:30: Paler calls, we talk about her dating life.

4:40: I realize I'm laughing too loud for someone who sits in a cube supposedly doing work.

4:50: laughing so hard, I now have to pee.

4:57: end conversation to use bathroom.

5:00: notice grey hair in mirror and debate whether or not I should pull it out.

5:05: notice frown lines – damn both Smith and Paler for doing this to me.

5:07: decide that once I have money must lipo the fat out of my thighs.

5:10: wonder why there's a full length mirror in this bathroom.

5:11: wonder what screen I left up on my computer. Hope it wasn't Jezebel.

5:13: damn it, it was.

5:14: remember I don' care…

5:15: Skinker asks me a question.

5:16: I make it a yes or no answer, pick up phone and make work related phone call.

5:30: Watch Thomas run out of the office at record speed.

5:31: I begin to watch the clock closely.

5:35: I curse the fact that I don't get out earlier.

5:40: I debate with myself whether to stay and get over time or run like a bat outta hell.

5:43: I go with bat.

5:45: check to see if other bloggers have posted anything new.

5:55: time to shut down computer.

6:00: sweet, sweet freedom!!!

 *(This account isn't today due to the fact that I've had many conversations about the travesty going on in Haiti and the search for family members (mine as well as friends families). But to lighten the mood and my frame of mind, I am reflecting on almost every other day I've had here so far.) 


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