I'm on a countdown. Six days until I should be in the UK: registering for classes, getting a tour of the school and meeting my classmates. And yet, if you walked into my apartment, you'd think I was going nowhere. Yup, my apartment looks like it did six months ago. Nothing has changed.

Why? You ponder…because I am sitting here waiting to get word on my student visa.

Apparently, you have to be approved to get a visa to enter the United Kingdom. And that approval can take anywhere from five to ten days once they receive your paperwork (making me wish I had chosen Prague instead because there you enter the country and then go through the process of getting your visa). Now, if by the grace of this fine universe, I don't get approved, I still have to move because my apartment is subletted and I, in all honesty, will probably be going a smidge crazy if that were to come to pass (which is something we aren't thinking about at the moment anyway).

When in fact I know I'll be approved I am leaving myself – what - five days to pack up my life. I've been living in this apartment for four years. Can one pack up four years in five days? How has the number of days already lowered? I know that when I leave work today, I have no intention of beginning to pack, putting me on to day five. Wait, actually, tomorrow night, after work I'm meeting up with friends for drinks. Hmm, correction…can someone pack up four years in four days? Good grief…


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