I got the email!!! (Any bad thoughts I was having toward the UK, their visa department and the people who work within are null and void) and my visa will be (should be) in my hands tomorrow. Which means the countdown can officially begin. With any good countdown comes a to do list and here is the one that is currently taking form:


  • pack necessary items in apartment (luckily, I'm subletting it furnished so just the things I'm totally afraid of losing) 
  • donate unwanted clothes, blankets, towels…
  • sell clothes that are cool but that I know I won't wear because I haven't worn them in the last two years
  • give Ioffee (my subletter) the keys to apartment
  • change the name on Coned and Cable bills to subletters name
  • unlock cell phone before I leave this country (bc if I can't use my iPhone over there, things could get ugly)
  • give away books to friends and library
  • get hair done (trying to decide if I should get a touch up or not)
  • buy 2 wigs (because my hair doesn't like rain and that is, all it does there, the wig will be a life hair saver)
  • buy must needed hair products (because british black women have some of the worst hair around – which I guess is because they don't have quality hair products)
  • return Cosca's karaoke machine (though I'm sure that will make me very popular to roll up as my own 'traveling rockband')
  • buy converters and adapters (so as not to fry what few electronics I bring with me)
  • bake cupcakes for my nephews (because they are four and love cupcakes which will appease me as I say bye)
  • book a cleaning crew to come and clean (since the fridge is a scary site to behold)
  • convince my brother to drive me to the airport (this will be no small task….wish me luck)

All in all, not that bad…provided I haven't forgotten anything. It all can be done in four days!!! (Really because it has to) 

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