Love…In the last couple of a days I have felt sooooooo incredibly loved, I don't know what to do with it all. Between the constant cash hand out, due to concern from my father, a pseudo surprise going away party thrown by Smith where my closest friends came and gifted me a new camera (well, a gift card for it) and the phone conversation from mom telling me how concerned my brother is (and seeing as how my brother is a stone wall when it comes to emotions – who knew he even cared) about me going across the Atlantic, I am swimming in love. 

And it is bringing me to tears….
Seriously, I'm not a crier by nature. I am not one of those overly feelie females, who keep Kleenex beside them because the Hallmark commercial pulls at their heart strings, but as I pack up my apartment, coming across pics of me with my nephews at a park, or me and my brother at a party, or me, Smith and Dreannan in Germany, I begin to tear up. What is happening to me?
Well, I already know I'm going to miss this life. The one where I have everyone that I care about at arms length (or a meer cheap phone call away). Wanna go to brunch? Pick up the phone and call Carab and Jacobs who will meet me in 30 minutes. Bored at work? Pick up the phone and chat with Smith for a minute (or an hour). Wanna know how the family is doing without having to actually call them? My sister has that on lock. Need a good laugh? Text Paler and madness ensues. Bored at home and need a night on the town? Make plans with Stumpf, Snatch, Duviv or Cappie. Wanna cheap weekend away? Call Cosca and Zervos and, poof, a weekend in Montauk (with karaoke in tow). Need sun and sand? Head to Florida, where mom & dad are waiting with smiling faces and open arms (as well as a fully stocked kitchen)? Feeling unloved and underapperciated? Go to play with my nephews for the afternoon. In need of a home cooked meal? Stay past the afternoon play date until my brother (or his wife) cooks dinner.
In the next couple of weeks, I'm going to need to discover new ways to deal with satisfying those needs, but today I'm in my insanely disorganized apartment, packing away and letting all the happy memories make me cry…and relishing the idea of all the new memories to come (many, I hope, that have all the people I love visiting me and my new bf in London). Cheers to the past and the future!!!

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