I'm finally in London. Have finally got what I've been wishing for, talking about and planning…what have I gotten myself into?!?

Right now, I'm sitting with a computer room at the very lovely hotel I booked to stay in for a few days (because the pampered princess couldn't imagine staying at a hostel sleeping in a dorm with six girls she didn't know and the this room is cheaper than renting a single at a hostel…trust me, it was the best option) while I register for classes and look for a place to live. I was giving myself 2 days to find a place…I'm obviously, not as smart as I think. 
Let me clear this up, Smith and I moved to London for a few months while we were in college. We stayed at a hotel and found a flat within a week (mind you we saw some awful places and in the end the flat we rented was over priced but it was done) and I thought it be just as easy. What I didn't know, is that since we are already in the middle of a semester, most of the flats are already rented out to students. Which means, there's no room at the inn…not until June anyway….
I have spent the better part of today sending out feelers to ads for apartment shares, house shares, studio leases and bedsits (which is you've got your own room and bathroom but share kitchen…or something like that) and I've got nothing. Actually, that's wrong. What I got was a lot of requests to Western Union money to a friend than call or email the person renting the place so they can check that I made the transfer which somehow proves that I have money in my account and can pay the rent and then they will let me SEE the place. Yup, I can't even see the place until this happens. I figure it's some way to get over on me and take my money…right?!?
That right is because now my resolve is getting weak. Every other bedsit or apartment share that I've spoken to has already found someone. Which means that I will either have to pay to stay at the hotel longer or suck it up and sleep beside Helga and Bitsy staying at the Quest hostel because the final choice is homelessness. And that really isn't an option. So what, they want me to Western Union cash to my friend…it is MY friend in the end, how could they possibly be able to claim the money?!? Right…right…ugh, I know, trust me I know.
Now, let's not get worried. I'm painting a bleak picture. I am, after all, in London and though many of my other classmates got here 2 weeks ago to look for an apartment (one girl flew in 2 months ago and laid claim to her flat) and it took them that long to find a non-rat infested, mildly clean flat to call their home, I shouldn't be worried. I have another day and tomorrow will be the day that I find something (I'm hoping positive thinking gets me far). Everybody pray for me…

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