School…being a student again feels so incredibly strange. Luckily, the class is an even mix of youngin's and more mature folk (those of us who graduated late 90's/early 00's). The lot are great fun and it's interesting to see how it's all playing out. We've become one big group. Well, out of the class of sixteen – fourteen of us have become one big group and then there are the 2 cool kids.
Why cool? Because there are two women who are soooooo out of our league. How do we know that? Well, thanks to one classmates ingenious idea to googling everyone in class (here's where I'm thankful that nothing I've done has made it on the map….or, am I sadly disappointed that I've done nothing or dated no one of importance) and came across this:

Petrina Khashoggi Guy Ritchie girlfriend picture GUY RITCHIE Pictures, Images and Photos
Petrina picture via Dailymail; Guy Ritchie picture via

Guy Ritchie is reportedly dating Petrina, a model of 13 years his junior.

That girl in the skimpy little dress – is in my class. Yup, Miss Petrina who (if you google her some more) is/has dated Guy Ritchie, WTF!?! She had stated in the first class that she had spent last year writing her first ever feature length script, what none of us knew is that she wrote it with Ritchie. Are you fucking kidding me?!?
Then there's her co-hort. Really the only other person she talks to in class when she isn't busy clicking away on her blackberry. She is pictured here with her husband:
Rufus Sewell and Amy Gardner
Uh, huh…that's right. Rufus Sewell, an actor of stage and screen…in movies I love like: The Holiday and A Knight's Tale this is her husband. Oh, and did I mention she's the mother of three (and about a size 0). The whole time I kept applauding her for being able to do the course work – full time – and raise kids (7, 2 &1), while also running her own production company AND submitting a film to Cannes. Little did I know she probably has a full time staff running her every errand. I'd hate her if she wasn't super nice (offered to help me find a flat in her area…as if I could afford living in Notting Hill) and incredible beautiful…ugh, I want to marry her.
Geez…who says you can only get close to famous people by studying at Tisch?!? 
So tell me…how do I get in with the SUPER cool kids? Any advice…because I want their lives. I NEED to be a part of their lives. Imagine the dinner parties. Imagine the single men they must know. Imagine all the connections….

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