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Move – check

Flat – check
Register – check
Homework – check
Bank account – check
Find GP – check
Now that the important things on my list are complete or are nearly completed (I've applied for a GP which takes a few weeks and I'm waiting for my ATM card to make it's way to me), I'm left asking what's next on my list. 
It's Saturday night, 8:00pm and I'm bored. Staying in is the only option when you don't have cohorts to paint the town red with. Sure I could do it on my own but I won't…any day of the week sure but not weekends. So I've decided to make this Saturday night looking for friends online night…WHOO…whatever….
I've been told that the Brits don't have a socializing online culture the way we New Yorkers do, but I'm a new transplant, who knows no one and old ways die hard so here we go…
First online stop: Meetup.com. The beauty about meetup is that there are so many activities to choose from (and I've had great experiences with this before). I signed up for six girl focused meetups, 4 writers meetups, 4 movie watching meetups, 3 bookclub meetups and 2 expats (one that is having a super bowl party -yippie- that I will sadly be missing since kick-off is at 11pm on a Sunda). Here's to entertaining nights and good conversations!!
Second stop: OkCupid.com. Thanks to Smith who has been going on and on about PlentyofFish.com (and the cute Brit she's been talking to on there), I decided that resigning up for OkCupid might be a good idea. I'm in a new place and can use it to meet people casually not just romantically. It's already been an hour and by the looks of the few men who've already sent me emails – methinks this will be short lived. Why is it never the really cute guys that you see on the tube that drop you a note on here but the guys that make you walk the full length of the car, so you're sure to not sit anywhere next to them that almost always send emails. Perhaps I'm being to harsh. I'll give it the week before jumping ship. That and I'll play an active role in the search but it begins and ends here. No Match. No PlentyofFish. No E Harmony…I came here for something different and would rather not have to resort to the same ole thing. 
Final stop: CitySocialising.com. This is a new site for me and was just found actually. It seems similar to Meetup but geared to the UK only. I've signed up and simply need to explore the site some more before a review can be made though I really am hoping it's worth it.
I'm off and running…hopefully in a few weeks time I'll have a circle of people to explore with because I walked around my neighborhood today and there are some seriously cool places that need to be explored (there's a Rivington not too far from where I live and it seems just as cool as the one on the LES – pics to come soon). And if not, my google map is booking up with good friends coming to visit so one way or another London needs to watch out for me!!!! Charge…..

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