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So the New York Times printed an article (in the style section) about how there are more women in U.S. colleges today and how this has messed with the ratio of women to men when it comes to dating, leaving many college girls single. Boo…fucking…hoo!! 

        Where the Boys Aren't
here the Boys Aren’t

This is news some how? They note the percentage over at NYU (where I went) and all I thought was 'The NYT should be fined for killing trees for nothing because this is not a news story. It's not even a news flash. It's a piece of archaic information that any women who studied at NYU in the past 30 years knows (or any university in DC for that matter). 
If you plan on going to NYU and don't do your research to know that it's nearly 60% women 40% men and of that 40% nearly 20% are gay (or gay curious, gay undecided, gay but closeted or the at the bus stop called bisexual) leaving the other 20% actually available (if they aren't already spoken for or a hobbit) then you deserve the circumstances that are coming to you (welcome to the cat fight).
Now maybe it is a new occurrence for those at the University of blahblahblah, but is it really? Haven't there been a number of articles, written in various publications, about how women are climbing the ranks quicker than men? About how in the next several years there'll be more Black and Hispanic women in the workforce making vast amounts of money, in extremely high powered positions as opposed to there counterparts? (And now Vogue can write the sort of articles Essence has been doing for years…you know the ones where they convince you to date the post man who didn't finish high school because at least that way you'd have a man.) 
What it should have done is warned many of the girls in those 'smaller towns' who think once they graduate and head to the 'big city' (which is typically New York) that the situation doesn't change much. Those geeky guys who were dating you and your whole sorority house, will also move to the big city, become investment bankers or lawyers at some of the largest firms in the world. They will now have even more women to choose from with insane bank accounts and not a thought in their minds to settling down or being exclusive….or maybe that's just me. Many (not all) of these girls are simply learning an important life lesson and isn't that what college is all about (end the fairy tale early and hand them a Match.com subscription FRESHMAN YEAR). 
Though I should thank them for the story idea…I'm thinking a land without men. Just need to hammer out the details…stay tuned. 

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