There are differences everywhere…some good, some bad. I figure I'll keep a rolling total when things arise. Like this for example.

There are many monopolies in NYC – Time Warner, Keyspan and ConEd. If you live there, you've complained about them – the high prices, the tricky customer service, the lack of choices for other providers… 
I spent all of yesterday, missing the hell out of Coned. Who woulda thunk that would happen? 
I have been living in a space without real, working heat for 2 days (and before that it wasn't anything to write home about. It wasn't anything that would you keep you that warm either but it was better than this). Coned would never let this happen. Ahhh, Coned, with there emergency numbers and fast action methods to make sure that residents aren't left in the middle of winter without working radiators. What has happened here without a city run law preventing such things? An unseeable landlord has sent his henchman (a sweet kid, no more than twenty-three who acts as the Super), to hire a plumber who is 'full up on other projects' (as I was told when I questioned him for a foreseeable warmth timetable) but who for two hours tinkered around the four bedroom flat, checking and rechecking very cold radiators. And after those two hours, left them cold with an unreassurring 'I'll be back' and was out the door. 
After several calls, made by me to his henchman, the landlord sent over a couple of room heaters to help ease the cold. Of course it helps, but what about the very cold walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night because there's no heater in the hallway or the quick strip that must be done in the bathroom because you can't turn on the hot water too soon to warm up said bathroom, because if you did, you chance there not being any left when you finally get into it (don't even get me started on how someone washes their hair or shaves with this problem). 
If I look at the bright side to all this (which you have to or one might go mad), it's changed me. I'm no longer the spoiled New Yorker who would take half hour showers. Stupidly hot half hour showers that made steam rooms look like they didn't know how to work properly. The one who complained that her apartment in Harlem was too hot…so hot in fact, that I had to open windows and wear short-shorts with a tank top, as snow fell outside. Yup, I notice the change because it hasn't bothered me much (since I was use to the close to freezing temps anyway) but my sister is visiting. And she has been touching the radiator hoping and praying for heat. For her to take a shower…serious thought must be had. She gages 'how needed is that shower?'.  It makes me laugh and realize how fast one can adapt to there situation but I'm still keeping score: NYC – 1/London – 0 and praying for more heat (I may have adapted but I'm not crazy – I love HEAT!!)

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