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Having watched such shows as The Office, Gavin & Stacy, Coupling, Footballers WIves and, of course, Ab Fab, I thought I'd be coming to watch some of the greatest TV the world has to offer, seeing as many shows that now air in the states was stolen, then remade, for American viewing, from the Brits. No more having to wait till they hit Netflix (oh, how I miss thee). I'd be getting it direct.

I was wrong….oh, so wrong.
Everyday I am bombarded by game shows, quiz shows, dance contests, singing contents, reality shows and very overly dramatic, soapy in essence TV dramas. Here are some of the highlights. 

Take Me Out

For those lonely people staying in a weekend night Take Me Out airs on Saturday nights. In it, there are a ring of lovely ladies of various sizes, styles, races and ages, all waiting to hear what the one 'single guy' on the stage has to say about himself. If they like what he says – they keep their lights on, if they no longer fancy him – they turn their lights off. After a short round of questions – it's the guys turn. He gets to chose which lovely lady he wants to go out with from those who didn't dis him by turning off the light. 
I thought the show was awful but while my sister was here, she made me see how much better it is than any dating show stateside. Simply due to the range of women. Sure most of them are over the top but, unlike the Bachelor with it's bevy of twenty-two year old blondes, this show understands that variety is the spice of life (I know, super corny but true) and gives the guys options. 
Embarrassing Bodies
Dr. Oz wishes he could be this entertaining. Have something on your body that you're ashamed of? Well, come on national television and show it to the world. And it isn't usually tame things like the link above or super dry feet. Nope, there was a guy on whose penis was crooked and you better believe they showed the whole thing…THE. WHOLE. THING. The examination and the surgery to fix it. Which is largely why this show won't be crossing the pond anytime soon.
One Born Every Minute
I had ruled the worst show on earth for a single women in the states to watch was I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant. If you've never seen the show, courtesy of TLC, seemingly nice women are living their lives and then one day – BOOM – an insane amount of pain hits and either two hours or twenty-eight hours later…poof, a baby appears. A baby they weren't expecting but a baby none the less.
Well, the UK is giving them a little competition. The show is called One Born Every Minute and if you've ever thought that 'someday I'd like to have a kid' this show makes you really rethink that idea. Now, I've seen my fair share of movie performances where actresses 'pretend' giving birth and it's made me wonder 'am I strong enough' but on this program, you get to see real-women doing it. The horror. OH. THE. HORROR!! 
I know…I know…just change the channel. But it's like an accident you can't look away from. How long will it take her to push out that 12 pound baby boy…she's already in hour twelve (and only at 3 centimeters). Or will the midwives decide at hour sixteen, she needs a c-section (making all those hours of pain – pointless)? Or will she throw her husband out the window for his stupid humor, helping her forget the pain? And what is that 'gas' thing they have women inhaling here rather than just giving up the epidural? Will the soon-to-be-mom, ripe off the midwives heads because they have them moving around, to so many different positions to help the birthing process along, even though all she wants is the damn epidural? Who knows…it can all go any which way, which is what makes this show so bloody entertaining. And of course, in the end, a baby is born and all the hours of pain and suffering (many…many…many hours mind you) are forgotten about and smiles abound due to the cute little bundle now in their arms. This is now running neck in neck as the worst show…ever (despite it's good intentions). 
Holly Oaks
This nighttime, soap opera, TV drama is probably good, except I can't quite figure it out. Since I've been watching it – four characters have left town, two have died, and one has gone to jail. I'm surprised they have any characters left but since this is far better than my watching Eastenders, I'll stick to it. And hope I figure it out soon. Oh and the show is pronounced: Wholly Oaks and not, like Holly (Hobbie) Oaks. 
I have yet to find a comedy of interest though this show is starting next week:
                                              Married Single Other

                                                  Married Single Other

There aren't any  promos on Youtube yet but I'm super excited about it from what I've seen on TV here. This will help with the much needed better viewing choices I've been hoping for. Understand that when I do come to the states, I plan on plunking myself in front of a TV with all my favorite programs – Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Lost (oh, how I miss Lost), The Big Bang and many others…where I won't want to be disturbed. But I'm here now and will grow to understand the Brits television choice

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