You'll all be happy to know I. HAVE. HEAT!!! As well as, hot water, which I had gone without for two days but decided to not mention so my family wasn't even more worried about me then they already were. 

The landlord took me threats for slowly decreasing the amount of rent paid to him – week to week – seriously. I had to get New York on them. So I am glad to announce it…since I'm sure my friends that are coming to visit me in the next couple of months (Smith in March, Jones in April and Paler in May) will be thrilled. Here's to hoping that everything stays working. 
Though I'm wondering if I should go to the Speedflatmating event I had booked myself into for tomorrow night (more on this at a later time). Nah…I'm going to be happy with where I am right now and enjoy sitting in my bedroom in my undies, with the ability to put lotion on (rather than throwing on layers as soon as possible).  Cheers!

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