I have a social life – courtsey of Citysocialising.com. 

So as I had said in an earlier post, I joined this 'only UK' site which is similar to meetup.com in that people decide to set up events where you get to sign up and go. Only similar for two reasons – 1. you pay for this service, 2. they seem to get a better turn out. Maybe it's in paying a monthly service fee (where as meetups are free and also available in London) that gets people to turn up for said events. 
I've been to three so far (signup for two others but managed to just rome around the city looking for said places. Why is it that they haven't learned to give cross streets here…I don't know) and they were all lovely. And just like the meetups I've been to in NY, I've met some gals that seem interesting and whom I'd be thrilled to hit the pavement with to go dancing, shopping and guy hunting. YIPPIE!!
Numbers have been exchanged and plans set, to go out and see what nightlife there is to be had…well, before 2am (if that's really any nightlife at all). Everything is slowly falling into place… 

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