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After posting the TV show highlights in the UK, a few people couldn't believe that Embarrassing Bodies was a real show. 

Well my friends it is. And since I happen to be home this Friday evening, trying to complete one of three projects that are due this upcoming week, I have the pleasure of having it on in the background. After what I just witnessed, I thought of people stateside and just have to share. 
If you have a weak stomach or get no delight in seeing other peoples butt holes, then don't scroll down. If you do then this show is made for you…
The first part of the show, I didn't even notice because it was this (the pictures on the website are much tamer than the actual video shown but they don't put video online at channel4.co.uk):

Episode 5 – Nottingham

Street clinic

It was the busiest day so far for the Embarrassing Bodies mobile clinic as it parked up in the centre of Nottingham. First in to see Dr Dawn was Summer who was being plagued by a thick build up of ear wax. After examination, Dr Dawn notes the excessive build up and advises that cotton buds may be making the situation worse by aggravating her ear canal. She advises a course of ear drops with possible ear syringing if needed.

Hold on now, that was just to ease you into the show, I'm guessing, because this is when I decided to get a snack which was right next to the TV, looked up and saw this:

Anal fistula

John then came to see Dr Pixie to discuss the abscesses he’s been suffering with for 3 years around the perineum area (the area between his genitals and bottom) which has seen him undergo 11 operations – to no avail. Dr Pixie suspected an anal fistula and sent John to see a specialist. Colo-rectal specialist Professor Schofield suspects a blocked gland that just hasn’t been efficiently sorted out through previous ops and informs John of the need for further surgery. Back under the knife Professor J H Schofield found that the condition is worse than he thought with the infected tract being larger than expected. After completion of the operation John discussed the improvement in symptoms back in the clinic with Dr Pixie and hoped that things would be completely sorted out after one further surgical procedure.

Actually first they showed the examination. Nothing like watching a Doctor finger some ones butt hole to think 'yum, time for a tasty snack', but that's what I saw. Standing with a chocolate covered biscuit posed to enter my mouth, I was frozen in time. This is on TV? Unable to move. Unable to eat my lovely cookie. Unable to look away…eventually they get to the surgery – shown above. (Can we all say OUCH! And I think child birth is bad…oh, and the cookie went back into it's packaging to be eaten when someone has wiped my mind of the imagery.)

Moving on…are you thinking 'Oh, it can't get any worse then that Mlle Pierre?' Well, you'd be wrong (there was a bit about a women whose breasts were too small to fit into a training bra and another women who's hands sweat so much they resembled a facet…very tame and then this):

Anal leakage

Brian dropped in to see Dr Christian with a rather pungent problem. Brian had been experiencing leaking from his anus for a number of years but Dr Christian can’t seem to find any obvious cause. He asks Brian to switch to a high fibre diet and to ensure that he wipes himself properly to see if this makes any difference.

The minute I heard them say this I shut the TV off. I'm an overly liberal person and yet this is too far for me. But they still put a picture up on the website. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Wanting to talk to someone about this brought me to this post. Apparently it didn't stop there (though I'm stopping here, no more pictures (if interested it's on the website http://www.channel4embarrassingillnesses.com/about/episodes/embarrassing-bodies-series-3/episode-5–nottingham/vaginal-tearing/ …it's already been too much) there was a women who's vagina was still torn after having had her baby a year ago and a guy who's balls hurt a lot. 

Will the states ever get this LIBERAL?!? Will the states ever show such things?!? In the name of science and knowledge. Do we want to be immune to the shock and HORROR…oh, the horror, of seeing two hairy ass cracks on evening television?!? I think there's a resounding NO coming at me…

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