When I lived in London back in the late 90's, it was hard to stay in touch with people. Only here for a couple months, it wasn't that much of a thought process; I spoke to my parents on a bi-weekly basis and an ex-boyfriend would ring, every now and then, from his office. Other than that, I wrote postcards (I'm sure I probably never mailed) since this was a time before emails (which I know ages me). I just disappeared from friends lives and filled them all in once I returned stateside.

But this is the future…keeping in touch is worlds easier, seeing as how everyone I know has a phone connected to them at all times and yet, I can't seem to reach anyone. 
Somethings simple don't change. Thanks to Skype, I speak to my parents (and sister) nearly every other day. It's cute to hear them be all technology savvy for once. I'm also able to track down Paler and Smith pretty easy, since they're at a desk doing very little with their time during regular working hours (that and I have their work numbers, so really they have little choice) but everyone else….beats me.
You'd think it wouldn't be so hard to stay in touch and informed in your friends lives; between emails, texting, blogging, Facebook, Skype – the options are endless but rather then relaying their lives to me, I guess, they're out living them (which hopefully is making for some super juicy stories). But what about me, I'm going through withdrawal here: is Carab still seeing that guy she met on Match? Is Cosca still commuting from Long Island to Jersey for work or has see bailed? Is internet dating working for Duviv yet? Has Zervo given that ultimatum we talked about? Is Stump contemplating where to hide the bodies of her coworkers? 
I must sit and wait until they realize that although I've left the country, I've not completely fallen off the face of the earth (which is what my brother must think has happened as well, because I haven't spoken to my nephews in ages, though I think in his case, he's punishing me for leaving in the first place.)
Side note: why is it no one answers their phones? I decided to ring a few of them up and I got voicemail after voicemail…geez! I know Skype gives an unknown number but what is the great fear really? Creditors? Loan Sharks?Ex-boyfriends? Your mom? ANSWER YOUR PHONES!!!! You carry them around for a reason….
Being new here and having new friends, I'm shy on chatter. Good gossip and stories with weight to them. Stuff to keep me interested. My classmates – we don't talk about our lives. It's all classwork. All the time. And when it isn't classwork, it's about the 'cool kids' (see earlier post). I can only talk about the 'cool kids' so much with my classmates (oh, by the way Amy was out of class on Monday. We were curious, only to open up the evening paper to find a big pic of her and her husband. They were in Mumbai over the weekend (read all about it) fyi – the paper didn't upload the pic of them looking fabulously rich in Mumbai (http://londonersdiary.standard.co.uk/2010/03/ricker-beaten-in-photo-finish.html) and she wasn't able to make it back for class. Sure the gossip surrounding the 'cool kids' is fun but I'd like to know how my actual friends lives are going. And as for the other people I've met in the real world…constant chatter about the differences between NYC and London (there are very few) and how I'm adjusting (you've lived in one large, english speaking city – you've lived in them all).
So pass the word around, I'd like to talk to my good and close friends…even if it's by carrier pigeon or smoke signal.

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