I woke up this morning to go to class at 7:00am. In my flat I'm usually the only one to awaken so early in the morning and happy about that but today there was already noise going on. 
I got up, went through my morning ritual and then headed down to the kitchen to make my oatmeal (and by make I mean open up my single serve packet, pour it into a bowl, use same packet to measure milk, pour into bowl, then place bowl in microwave for a minute and half). What do I find when I go down into the kitchen? My Japanese roommate making sushi rolls at 7:30 in the morning. WTF?!? 
This kid amazes me. He cooks. He cooks A LOT! He likes to entertain in our insanely small kitchen. He enjoys cutting, dicing, peeling at all hours of the day. So why was I amazed that he was in the kitchen cooking?
Because it was SEVEN THIRTY IN THE MORNING!!! Now, I'm aware that his culture doesn't do bowls of oatmeal but there has to be something else some one would eat at that hour in the morning. Is the only option to come down with rice paper, make some rice, pull out seafood, cut up cucumber and avocado and go through, whatever steps are needed to make sushi rolls. 
And they looked good. Well constructed pieces of tasty rolls. Now that I finally remember his name (thanks to the french roommate for telling it to me because I really suck with names) I can befriend him and get him to cook for me too. 
Secondly, there's this dress in a shop window in London:

I know that there are people incredible excited about SATC 2 (I am not one of them). There's a London based group that loves to get dressed up and go out to 'SATCesque' places and pretend that they are cool and hip. I've received a few invites from the group but haven't gone out with the ladies yet (and know that they've been planning an outing to celebrate the second movie for a month already). But how is this dress still relevant? How is this dress even fashionable? I loved the show when it was on but haven't we moved beyond this now? 

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