What do you consider a great vacation? Would it be an endless amount of food? Getting in free to some of the greatest sites a city has to offer? Perhaps your idea of great is sitting on a lawn chair with waves lapping up to you. Have you had a vacation you can label 'the greatest'? I haven't (I've had good but not great) but I was lucky enough to be witness to someone's idea of a great vacation. And from the sidelines, it looked like a trip I'd love to take.

As noted in an earlier post, Smith came to visit. She came to help celebrate my birthday in Paris, after which we headed back to London. Smith went to museums, walked around, saw some sights and shopped. SHOPPED A LOT! Creating great outfits to lure men to her. Before leaving New York, Smith's focus – one and only focus – was to come to London to seek, find and conquer cute European guys (read between the lines). Really all the other things she did was just occupying time in between the man finding. So when we went out one night and Smith locked her eyes on a very cute Serbian at the bar, it had officially begun. 
It was a wild, crazy week!! The days were spent hitting stores I had sworn not to go into (for fear of unleashing the shopping monster within me), getting up early to get tickets to see Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (which was amazing) and walking all over the city in search of Twinings Teas and the Tate Modern (which was incredibly tiring). Some nights were filled with great, inexpensive food, pubs and cider, while others were spent with me in my apartment alone (pondering how it is that I've been here two months and still have not gone on a date) while Smith was off with the Serbian. 
All good things must come to an end. As Saturday grew nearer, Smith began to sweat. She'd be heading home soon; leisure days of seeing insanely cute guys were ending quickly. Newark was calling for her. To ease the thought of heading back, I got a few people together for a fun night out. Smith partied like it was 1999: 
Before we knew it, it was 4am and the night had to come to a close. London treated Smith well and she showed it an amazing time. London and I are only getting a weeks rest before Jacob comes and adds her own level of madness to this city. Oh, I hope London can handle more of my friends visiting.

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