People always accuse the British for being uptight. Ridge? Prim & Proper?

They consider Americans the liberals. However, whenever I've come to the UK I've been shocked by what they allow. Back in the 90's porn ads in the telephone booths was as common as tacky wallpaper at your grandma's house. And I've already shared with you what makes it on TV here. But at least that gets a warning before airing. 
Imagine my shock (ok, not really shock but out and out laughter) when riding on the tube I came across this ad:
and then several others that followed:
In all fairness, the first ad I saw was the Frufru one and, from a far, I had no idea what the ad was for. The next one I came across was Coochie and then I knew. They're all over the tube stations. Upon closer inspection, I read the lower tag-line which reads: '' (you can go to the site and vote for your favorite nickname – Kitty, my fav, is #20 on the list!). 
You can hardly utter any of the words above in the states freely because, you know, we just don't talk about lady bits,(never you mind a full on ad campaign with huge posters greeting you at every subway station) but here in the UK (or at least London) you can apparently shout it out and put it on posters. Really I love it! I love living in a place that gets that there's nothing wrong with any of it. And I love watching tourists seeing the ads for the first time; be it that they're from the states or even better, from the Middle East. Sheer humor!!!
PS: Just in case you were wondering, the ads are for something called the Mooncup which is known as the Diva Cup in the states:

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