I have a running joke with a few friends which one of them is my rich friend. It doesn't take much to be nominated. Since I spent most of 2009 unemployed, it really took a steady job and a constant paycheck with a slight flair for the overly extravagant (that they usually can't come close to affording) and TADA…you're my rich friend. 

The runners up have been Paler with her 'she only stays at the Ritz when on holiday' (vacation for those of you stateside), Smith with her incredibly costly beauty treatments and Zervo, who at my going-away party, was buying rounds like she was P. Diddy (it started with shots of tequila for the people in the group and ended with her getting rounds for the DJ, his crew and the bartender). 
For some time, it's been neck and neck between Paler and Smith, sure they both denied it, said it was the other but facts are facts. But then, out of nowhere, a new contender came along and blew the other three right outta the water…
my rich friend, without a doubt, is Jacob. 
Jacob just left from her first time visiting the great UK and if anyone has done a vacation the right way – it was her! Money seemed to be of no object, which to be honest is the greatest friend to have. 
In all honesty, Jacob has never been my H&M, Forever 21 counterpart, she's always fancied the better things in life and that is how she did her trip. Unlike when Smith was here, she wasn't running to and from Primark or River Island rather she fancied clothes from All Saints, Selfridges and Top SJacob's is also a foodie, I on the other hand have created my own cheap eats diet (which consists primarily of cheese, humus and oatmeal). 
Really to me, food is needed to stay alive. I enjoy it but I'm not one of those people who

tastes things in my food. To me it is either good or bad. This fact I relayed to Jacob ever time she asked me could I taste 'such and such' in what I was eating (as in 'Can you taste the pancetta in the soap?' – the answer was no. I also don't taste the wood oak in beer or the hints of birkinberry in wine). 
Really the thing is that I learned a lot about Jacob on her 10 day visit.
As one of my newest friends, having only known her four years (I think), it was great seeing another side to her. Her artist side: she hit at least eight museums or galleries while here. She was on fire. As an artist herself, she had a long list of exhibits to see and she hit every one (except for the Tate Britian – my bad).

Her blonde side: after telling her several times this week about how the tube doesn't run 24 hours like in New York, explaining how night buses pick up the slack and how the tube starts running at 5:30am every morning (which I was wrong about), we get to the tube this morning to head to the airport, only to find out that on Sunday's the tube doesn't start at 5:30 but opens at 7am. Jacob, without missing a beat, turnto me and says 'Wait, the tube doesn't run all night' (my head would have hit a desk had I been sitting at one). Her quirky side: I never knew, but now I do very well, know what a tea cozy is. I know very well because at nearly every store in London that sold one, Jacob would pick it up to show me and exclaim 'How cute is this?!?'. Literally, she couldn't get enough. My mind still reels….
And though she wasn't leaving here exclaiming that it was the greatest holiday ever, she did have a fun-filled week of sightseeing, shopping, drinking, eating and, of course, me. Enjoying all that comes with having your rich friend visit you. May I develop more rich friends to hang about with. 

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