I'm beginning to weaken. I had a staunch standing on this subject. 

NO WAY. NO HOW. Were they going to get my money a second time…
But then ladies began talking about this around me. I argued my case; they got me the first time and I hated the end product. There's simply no way they'd do it again. I, too, laughed along with the Jezzies (over on my fav blog – http://jezebel.com/) about how ridiculous the shooting seemed: the insane outfits, the trick story lines, the flash back sequences. It had begun to take itself too seriously. I refused to be swayed by watching any trailers. I was sticking firm to my decision:
See what happened there, I'm now using the term 'would' rather than 'will' and it's all because I saw a trailer and it had John Corbett in it. AIDAN!!! I love me some Aidan. I especially love me some super fit, tan Aidan. And have since begun to waver in my firm stance of not seeing this badly created money making, awfully fashioned, final attempt to get money from a dying trend. I mean really, they go to Abu Dhabi for a girls weekend and feel the need to wear TURBANS and HAREM PANTS! Ugh, I'll stop screaming now – it's just too 'on the nose'. Oh, don't get me started on the fact that f*cking Miley Cyrus is in the movie…my rant would take too long. (or Liza Minelli doing a dance number because I guess she performs at all the gay weddings that aren't legally allowed to be done in New York.)

Ok, I can honestly say I will not pay twelve pounds to see this movie. I'll wait and catch it on a transatlantic flight or rent it or watch it for free somewhere online…I do applaud Micheal Patrick King for knowing exactly what would get dedicated SATC viewers into the cinemas. He almost got me…almost! Sadly, it just isn't enough (though I reserve the right to change my mind. All in the name of film school research, if free tickets are made available. Then and only then!).  

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