Writers block that is. 

It's even affecting my ability to write this blog. I've opened up the create page, scribbled a few thoughts down and then shut it right back down. This is a HUGE problem for a screenplay writing grad student. MASSIVE actually!
According to the director of my program there's no such thing as writers block. He went on yammering about how you've gotta push through and that it's more a fear of commitment than a block of words (what he doesn't know is I do have a full on fear of commitment too, I guess it's branched out from just careers and men. Fun!). Force yourself to write he said…ta da, here I am pushing through but writing on my blog isn't really progress. I can do random thoughts till the cows come home, I still need to complete my first feature length script by July 7th. 
The deadline looms above my head like a dark cloud. A dark stormy hail cloud. 
What's a girl to do? Perhaps setting myself a schedule of sorts: 
– up by 9am 
– breakfast by 10am
– after breakfast nap 10:30am
– walk along canal by 12am
– after walk nap 1pm
– at cafe writing by 3pm 
– 4 o'clock wine – a reward for staying at cafe and writing
– my fav meal – Luner  (a combo of lunch/dinner) at 6pm 
– and by 8pm returning home to do what we call research – movie watching! So what if the movies aren't in my genre…
Ok, so that's the schedule of my dreams and reads that once I sit in front of my computer, I will actually be feature writing as opposed to what I'm doing now…blogging. Obviously I need to come down and deal with reality, (I know that even in my dream world two naps is excessive for anyone older than three). 
Or maybe, just maybe, naps are the way to break through my block of words and if I commit to it then I'll be breaking that cycle as well…I may be on to something here! Stay tuned…

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