I've been wearing the wrong bra size…who knew?!? Let's start at the beginning, shall we:

Paler is in town!!!! And since she's been here before she didn't have a long list of touristy things she wanted to do (which I'm thrilled about since family, on there first UK visit, are coming to visit in 2 weeks). When asked, she said she had three things that are a must do: 1) go to Scotland and drink whiskey, 2) see the crown jewels at the Tower of London and 3) go shopping.

Shopping. I know, another friend wants to go shopping…color me ecstatic!!! I love shopping!!! I love the high I get when I find something incredicute (yes, it's a word I made up) or at a super affordable price (me love sale). Bear in mind – I am not a person who does drugs, my dating life is lackluster nor am I an adrenaline junky – I get my highs by shopping. Luckily this high is also attainable if I help someone shop; the money doesn't actually have to leave my pockets, which makes it even better actually. 
Paler did her research before coming and knew that there was one store she wanted to go to and one item in particular she wanted to buy – Debenhams on Oxford Street to buy bras. Now, not to get all up in Paler's business, she needs and likes certain bras and they happen to be sold here at better prices than in the states with a wider selection. I'm not a fan of department stores (blame it on the 4 years working as a buyer at one) so even here I had never been into Debenhams but a friend who is visiting had a request and I, too, am in need of bras so off we went…
This is how I learned that I'm wearing the wrong bra size and I post this to alert you, that if you're a woman, you may be too. I mean, I'm usually pretty up on these things but some how over the years I got my wires crossed (or was given misinformation). First off, I've lost weight since being here and my bras weren't fitting quite the same way leading me to think I had gone down a cup size.  Add that to the fact that I usually buy my bras to connect onto the last row of hooks because if I gain weight then I'd have room to branch out in said bra. Wrong and wrong. 
There I am holding 38Cs when I turn to a bra specialist (I kid you not) who takes one look at me and laughs. I explain my theory and I am immediately schooled on the actual process: bras when purchased should be tightly fitted because they will loosen with wear and wash and should be fastened on the first set of hooks, giving room for stretch. Then my cup size – apparently too small. What?!? I was prepared for smaller not larger. But then they began to bring them in for me to try on and it would seem I've been wearing 2 cup sizes to small. 
I'm sure you're all wondering 'Are the bra sizes different there than they are in the states?' Nope! it seems they are the same – I just got it wrong. And now I have in my possession 4 new bras that I love!!! Today was a great day and soon we're off to Scotland…more fun to come.

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