Before Paler got here I decided to meet up with about twenty girls I don't know to go out and dance (seriously, what did people who moved to new cities do to meet people before the internet?!?). This is all thanks to the wonderfully amazing website which helps me have a social life outside of my small circle of friends (I will write about my london people soon). 

I was sent the name of where we were going but didn't do much research on the sort of place it is. My goal is to meet a couple of cool girls to go out on the prowl with; having to endure some slightly packed club with techno is ok, for the greater good. I put on a tight dress, my hot pink heels and headed out. 
Once there I met the girls and we all headed to the bar, opened the drinks menu and saw this:

I know the pic is blurry but can you see that? Yes, those prices are for bottles – £8,000!!! Can you imagine going to a club in New York and seeing that for a bottle of Dom they're asking $11,000. The shock was so big for me, since I still convert the cost of things, that I just had to share it with others. Then later on that evening someone brought it. How did I know that? Well, the scantly clad cocktail waitresses delivered this large bottle of Dom with sparklers in hand…making sure that everyone knew it. Oh, and they sing and dance suggestively around it with SPARKLERS!!!! (I've been to strip clubs with more class.)
The whole place was so garish I nearly walked out. I say nearly since the girl who planned the night had struck a deal and got us a big-ass bottle of free vodka. Being liquored up helped me deal with the insanity…ah, the power of liquor!

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