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If Paler had a blog, her blog entry would be this:

Just returned from a fabulous trip to the 
UK. I went to visit my friend Mlle Pierre who abandoned all of her friends in NY to follow her dreams and achieve her goals. I am not bitter nor jealous…okay maybe a little jealous, but I digress. Mlle Pierre knew there were two things that I wanted to do on my trip, shop and go to Scotland. We accomplished both of those things. With her guidance, I discovered that I have small waist and that I should wear clothes that actually fit. Who knew? More importantly, I also discovered that shopping really is a disease. All I've wanted to do since I've returned home is shop, I want to go shoe shopping, I want to go shopping for summer clothes, work clothes,evening wear and anything in between. I place the blame for this squarely where it belongs, in Mlle Pierre's lap. I left a normal, anti-shopper and return with this…this disease, ailment, affliction that makes me want to spend! The sad thing is when she comes to the city in two weeks, there are two things that I'll want to do when she gets here, have brunch where they serve pancakes and bacon, and shop….sigh.

So that was pretty much her trip. Edinburgh was lovely and the only thing missing were the people (and by people, I mean hot guys) speaking in a deep Scottish brogue. I've since been told that you need to head to Glasgow for that (and it's been softly written in on my calendar, if there are any takers to join in) and there are apparently thousands more castles to be seen, but I extend a thanks to my friend, Lady Paler who made my trip to Edinburgh better than I could have dreamed. 

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