It has been two months since I've written on here…two months where I ran, flew, swam, ate, drank, dated, partied, laughed, teared up, smiled, forgave and a zillion other random activities and emotions that many people would have found interesting to read about and yet, the call to sit in front of the computer wasn't there. 

How goes the writing then for the course, you may ask? That went fine. And once I completed draft one of my feature length screenplay, I decided to take a break; put it aside for a moment and breath. Which I've done, but now I must get myself back into writing draft two. And so here I am, back in front of my computer but before I begin, let's recap the last two months:
– mid-june, the family came across the pond to see how I'm living on my own in this large new city called London – mom & sis think I should just move back to NYC where it's better, dad & Auntie J totally get why I like it here and wish me the best (despite the constant rain and dreary thing they try to pass off as summer)
– dubbed above as MBFGFV, an acronym for MY BIG FAT GREEK FAMILY VACATION! Oh yes, boys and girls I went on vacation with my mom, dad, sister, and (fav) Auntie J and didn't kill either any of them or myself. This is what maturity is all about (Now, had I written about this vacation while on it or soon there after, I'd have given you a play by play of all the things that make me irate about my family (my moms need to complain about everything and why, after several years, she hasn't just had knee surgery already rather than missing out on stuff or how my sisters love of talking about food nearly drove me to rip off my ears – because if she mentioned tzatziki, ONE MORE TIME!) but now, having been removed from the situation and the ability to process it from my home turf, I can say that it was a great time had by all. (Largely in thanks, to the comedy stylings of my Auntie J)
– after MBFGFV, I headed to NYC for my nephews fifth birthday party. The little boys drowned me in hugs and kisses making me realize how hard it is to live away from them. By day three, I wondered how I ever kept up with them to begin with…I should market a workout video based on spending the day with them…'You can lose 10 pounds and get rock hard abs if you join the Triplet Workout!'
– all the time spent in the states wasn't devoted entirely to my nephews; I met up with friends, did a little visiting to my favorite places, had a yummy brunch and went to Montauk for the weekend where karaoke was sung, good food eaten and many laughs were had. 
– I then took three days out and went to Florida, to see the folks (again). Got to pick fresh, super sweet mangoes and eat them (this is for you Smith, since I know how much you loved hearing me talk about it)….yum!
All in all, it was a great way to spend a month. Once back in London, I had four days to myself before another friend came to visit. Bernie came. Bernie came to visit me in London. Yup, the Bernie who hates all things European. That Bernie! He came and spent three days with me (well, not really with me, with me because it was decided that he'd be better at a hotel…) Was I able to convert him into a Londonphile – nope!
But he didn't leave here hating it as much as he had the first time he was here (the only time, actually). After me, he went to visit a friend in Paris and sent me a text RAVING about it, so at least he left liking something about Europe, making him want to see more (which is a small step in the right direction, at least.)
That was nearly three weeks ago. What, you may ponder, have I been doing since then? Hmm…good question and the answer deserves its own entry. So, I'll end it here and will fill in the last three weeks in a day or so…because, really, I've got more writing to do today. Ciao…ciao!!
P.S. And yes, the last three weeks does involve a boy….

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