My sister sent me an email today with some seriously, heart wrenching news. It seems that the airline she works for is merging with another, which means changes are underfoot for how she (and her family) can travel. 

I had heard of the merging of the two airlines on the news some time back and hadn't really thought it would affect me in any real way but she shared some of the rumors hitting the grapevine and, I've got to tell you, I am concerned. Thanks to my sister and her wonderful airline, I have traveled more than I ever could have expected to on my own; I've gotten to travel in first class, numerous times, thanks to that lovely, lovely airline. 
But all good things must come to an end…
Or maybe, just maybe, they'll only change a little..there's even a chance (slim, yes but still) that it could even be for the better!
And so now, I wait with baited breathe to hear what's going to happen. Apparently, the changes will be announced in early December which could effect any chances I had of coming home for the holidays (which I wasn't planning on but now it may not even be an option). 
I haven't actually paid full price for a ticket in nearly eight years (and dear universe, dear sweet, kind universe, I'd like it to be another eight before I do). 
So if you care about me, my ability to travel and my sanity (and that of everyone who can be effected by this) let's all bow our heads and ask the universe for leniency. 

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