I am sitting in my flat staring at a suitcase and pondering what beholds me for the next couple of days which happens to be something that I’m dreading just a bit. Saying goodbye…

The thing about life is no matter how much you plan and scheme, you’re simply at mercy to its will. When I moved here I thought long and hard about what do with certain things in my life. It was decided that though I very much planned on moving across the pond for a while that it be best to hold onto my New York apartment because, well, you just never know. Figured it be best to keep it as a back up just in case London wasn’t all I was hoping for. So sublet it I did, fully furnished, then packed up and left. The perfect plan!

On Wednesday I’m flying back to NYC to move out of my apartment.

The thing is my building had been on sale for the better part of two years. As long as checks were sent in no one cared what I did with it. To make a long story short, once I had moved, someone purchased it and the new owners were not so keen on me subletting. So another decision needed to be made, how to keep my apartment in New York (that I’m not sure when or if I’ll return to) while I live in London?

Seeing as how I’m not a Hilton there was only one answer that worked. I’ll be in the city for four days to pack up and say goodbye. Sure, I’ve known for some time that New York and I needed to part ways but I’ve always liked knowing that I still had a foot in… There was something about that that gave me a sense of security but in a few days, that is to be no more.

While there I’m going to toast the life I enjoyed there…the good and the bad memories because it all has lead me to be where I am today; helped lay out my plans for the future which is a future I’m really looking forward to, I’ve got to admit. And as long as I’ve got close friends and family there, I can always return if that’s where my path leads me. But between you and me, I’m hoping it doesn’t. There’s a big world out there and so many places I haven’t been to yet plus my passport has an ample amount of empty pages.