When reading books on writing, you’ll almost always find the instructions that when faced with a block one should just free style a random display of thoughts. You know, get the juces flowing on any topic, which will help spur the juices and soon you’ll be at it again. This is my exercise in this thought process. I’m facing deadlines, yet again and am sitting at cafe wistfully watching time pass. I must begin rewriting my feature script. But the thing is, between you and me, I am TIRED of even looking at the damn thing. It’s been months (nearly 8 to be exact) of thinking, anazlying, outlining, structuring, drafting and writing this story…I’ve got to tell you I’m over it! So here I am sitting flipping through different folders and files on my computer thinking of what to do next, how to break free of this block when the advice of writters before me struck. Just something…anything. (Yup, the Artist Way comes to mind…)

As a creative person, one should be open to all forms of creativity; novels, music, fashion, design, art. I’m in the place where I need something to spur the creative juices and decided I’d take a look at art, perhaps a picture or a painting could ignite that flame.

What I’ve found is that I’ve taken a lot of pics of art that I think are awful, all with the idea of knocking it on my blog. But where will that get me, knocking someone else’s artistic attempts. The thing is, I’m not a modern art person but there’s a huge push for it. It’s just not my cup of tea. It’s hard to find artists doing, what I’d consider, something more traditional. I’m a fan of sculptures; typically from the classical period. I’m also a fan of painting from the Neoclassical or Romanticism front. But that is, funny enough, changing….

The other day, Burs and I watched Exit Through The Gift Shop a movie done by the British street artist, Banksy. The film was great in exposing me to something I’ve never really taken notice of before. Actually, I’ve noticed it but never saw it as art, per se. Rather they were just random stream of concousness by vandals with way too much time on their hands. But this film shed a new light on what they were doing, especially Banksy, who has gone on to have proper art shows and has moved beyond just spray paint. And what he does spray paint actually conveys a wider message.

Or maybe I’m just a Bansky fan?!?

Recently while in Paris, I came across a street art exhibition and though a lot of it was just, err ok, some of it was and I took some great pictures. How many of these artists choose to express themselves make it seem that almost anyone can also be an artist.

These below are from some newer graffiti artists. All it takes is some ingenuity to find something that hasn’t been done before.

That and a cool tag name…I’m working on both because, you know, with the writers block I’ve got time on my hands. Deadlines be damned!

Ok, now that I’ve gotten a flow going…back to work!