The other day after returning from Paris with Burs I sent a few choice pictures to Smith and Paler, two of me and Burs all cozy and one of me with the most amazing dessert ever! Smith quickly responded as such: re: pic #3, you have way too many pictures grinning over desserts. Do I? This prompted an iPhoto search to see how many pics I have of me smiling over desserts.

Ok, there are a few.

Typically it’s when I’m on vacation and something amazing comes my way or it’s my birthday. I also have a number of pictures of food in general, which is amusing because I don’t see myself as a foodie (but most of those are from vacation or because, surprise, I actually cooked). For instance, I’ve been documentaing the hamazing dinners Burs cooks on a nightly bases (for a future post to be written). Funny enough, he also remarked on the fact that I under sell myself because I do, indeed, care about food. Apparently I’m a foodie uncover. My child-self, the me that hated eating refuses to except that I’ve grown to like food. A lot apparently. (Which may explain the overly round face I’m contending with right now).

After defending myself to Smith, she then asked what she deemed an important question: in a few years,  can I call you chubbie rock or do you prefer heavy v? I have the names in waiting for you…… Since I have no intention of changing my eating ways…I’m off to find a gym.