Not to follow one food post with another but I’ve got to say this morning I had to squeeze myself into freshly washed skinny jeans. Actually, I tried to and then gave up and put on a pair of Burs jeans. The idea of people calling me Heavy V began to reverberate in my mind. I, of course, turn to Burs and blame him. With a sly smile and a shrug of his shoulders he says “I’m a feeder”.

Burs never lies.

He is single handedly making sure that I stay with him by making me the size of a house and unable to walk out of the apartment. These are some of the yummy dishes Burs can whip up at a moments notice:

Pesto covered Salmon on sweet potato mash with green beans and tomato

Roasted fig in a balsamic reduction with blue cheese and side salad

Pineapple & ham pizza

Olive, feta cheese & spinach pizza – both made the same night

pea and ham soup with cod fritters

In his defense, the fritters were supplied by moi which accompanied the soup lovely!

So if a while goes by and you haven’t seen me, I’m probably on the couch, too full to get up or move.