Since it’s the day for thanks…here I go:

– I have completed my FIRST feature film!!!! It was due today and I handed it in at 12.15 this morning. Hence the WHOO HOO!!!! on Facebook.

– That I did what I wanted this year and am no longer living in Manhattan – a place that I love and dream of coming back to someday. I needed new experiences and am loving my time away and the allure of saying that I lived there and chose to leave which then makes me sound so cool and mysterious!

– That in leaving, I’ve met this great guy! Burs is more than I could have imagined a guy I would have dated could be…

– And that I’ve been wrong; always said I didn’t want to  – wouldn’t was the word I used – date a guy with a kid and now I’m glad I didn’t let that sway me. Lil Burs is cool and makes me wish I had been more a kid like her – into a vast amount of different things and spent my time on various projects rather than concerned about BOYS (which I was since I was old enough to talk). And she thinks I’m cool because 1) I’m American, 2) can braid her hair 3) am a good cook. I know…I adore her!

– And last but not least for everyone who has helped me be happy. My folks. My family. My friends. Whether I talk to you twice a week or only when I’m visiting New York, I am so wholly thankful for you too!

ATTENTION: No turkey had to die for me to acknowledge how fully happy and thankful I am on this day (the chicken eaten at Nandos, well that’s a different).