So this morning I awoke and began to think about what I’d do today, still thinking about the post I wrote yesterday. I said to myself – I WILL NOT TIDY!

I sat myself down to breakfast next to a pile of folded laundry. No harm in my just putting it away – so I walked the respective piles to where they belonged. Bringing mine into the bedroom I spied a pile of Burs shirts nicely folded on his desk. I shook my head and mumbled men under my breath as I picked it up, opened up his shirt draw and saw a mass of unfolded tee shirts stuffed in.

Then I was hit with a realization. Actually, not immediately. I was hit with this realization after I had emptied out two drawers worth of tee shirts, which I then put onto the bed and started folding. Into separate piles – long sleeves v. short sleeves. Then into color sequences. Standing over seven neatly folded (the GAP standard of folding) piles of tee shirts, I realized I HAVE A PROBLEM!

So I want to amend the last post and accept that people (women and some men – I’ve known a few) who constantly clean and tidy up are the ones with the problems. I could have left that draw in its state but I chose to take it out and fold away. And, dare I admit this, enjoyed it. I would have done it to my own clothes – I have done it to my own clothes but as I stood over Burs, now neatly folded shirts in his drawers – I knew…I knew that this could spiral into a series issue. It might start off like this for lots of people before you’re calling a friend complaining about how HE or SHE or THEY never clean.

When Burs came home, I confessed. I lost my mind and before I knew what I was doing I had tidied up his drawers. Then I had to explain the tee shirt system. He swooped me in for a big hug and laid on the thank yous. I told him he should be worried. He stated that he’d only be worried if I expected him to keep it in that tidy condition.

I vowed that he didn’t need to. After all, what will I do if I have nothing to tidy up…