Dreannan has been in London for a bit and for all that is wondering how it’s going…it’s been brilliant! Being that combination of close friend/nomad, there was a bit of worry when plans first were underfoot for him to join me across the pond. Where would he stay? What was he coming to do? Friends all through New York kept my inbox full with questions. None have any answers for (mainly because Dreannan wasn’t really all that forth coming). And though I had questions of my own, there was a level of excitement because a piece of my New York was joining me and I was THRILLED!! On the day to day, I don’t miss much about my old life but my friends and family well…that’s another story (and one I’ve already commented on before). So even though I kinda knew he was coming here to do some music-writing-film thing but had to stop off in another country for two days before heading to see me, I began to get a little excited.

And with excitement, it’s close cousin concern joined in for the ride. Though Burs had the chance to meet Stumpf and Carab when they visited, they did just that visit. A super close friend staying is a whole different ball of wax and brought on a new level of concerns. How was my New York life going to blend with my London life and would they get along? Frown lines briefly battled my happy face…

And really for nothing! Dreannan’s here and it’s been great! Sure, he’s busy with his projects and the socializing and the parties and the learning about a new city but when I can get a hold of him, it’s nice to have him around. And as for Burs and him not getting along…who the fuck was I kidding?!? The two of them are old chums talking about music, advertising, comics…oops, I mean graphic novels and a myriad of other topics. While I’m usually trying to get Dreannan to leave, Burs keeps finding new topics to talk about. And since my traveling/visiting friends has slowed down, it’s nice to have a steady figure sticking around (and no, I’ve no idea exactly for how much longer…if I did it just wouldn’t be the same Dreannanian thing, would it?!?)