I’m down to my last research paper. Classes are all done and I’m near my one year anniversary here. And it just occurred to me that I’ve never really written about my UK friends here.

These three are the from my class and the people that I hang out with the most. Lanza from Brazil to the left, Kmith from Bahamas in the center and Ludvik from Iceland at the right…also know as the ‘giggle monster’ (because his laugh is always this high pitched squeak) , ‘the mouth’ (just try getting her not to talk shit) and ‘the devil’ (her and her ways…drinking, dancing and the like) respectively. I’ve seen these people nearly everyday for a year and now that schools done, it’s weird that that isn’t happening anymore. Suddenly I feel like a kid again but they’ll be no return in the fall after summer break. It’s just up to us to keep in contact .

Oh and there’s also Joseph from our class who has become my favored writing partner (actually him and Ludvik). Where as the three pictured above are all still in their late twenties (actually Kmith not even that yet), Joseph is closer to my age and helps keep a sense of realism to all their idyllic young posturing.

Having the lot of them in the class with me helped buffer the whole ‘new to a city’ a feeling because with the exception of Joseph, we all were. Kmith had attended the same school for undergrad but had been back home for the whole of five years. Lanza had been living in Italy sorting stuff out and Ludvik had just finished a stint as Bjork’s nanny (very cool, I know). We all came here knowing very few people and branched out together.

But no one person can see the same small group of people all the time. Venturing out and meeting others became highly important and thanks to groups like meetup.com and citysocialising.com, incredibly easy. Without that I think it would have been hard to gather up my group of girls…and I’ll always need a group of girls to hang with.

So these are my people for the most part, outside of Burs and lil Burs. But with a whole new year breaking open before me, what else will come about.