Not Burs, we’ve already covered that but Dreannan. Yup, that’s right!!! And it’s better than cup o’noodle…

As of late, since I haven’t been back to the states in a wee bit I’ve begun to miss certain culinary delights that are hard to find here. One of those is chicken FRIED CHICKEN . Now, I’m completely aware that I could make them myself but no food tastes as good when it’s made for you. Especially when made from an actually Texan. This is where Dreannan cooking comes into play.

Having helped him get settled here, he asked me what I wanted in return. Lunch! Was an easy enough answer, after all, what were my options – a Birken Bag, I think not. I called my folks, only to hear my sister was wiping up her insanely amazing fried chicken – I was drooling and jealous over the phone. Then I call Paler and she’s thinking of walking to Popeye’s (oh, Popeyes how I miss thee). I nearly booked a flight just to get fried chicken and then the idea, like a tidbit from heaven, came to me. And funny enough, Dreannan jumped on board.

And look at what he whipped up!

The recipe – a combination of his mothers, an aunt and online research was on target. Burs and I decided to take on the biscuits (because had Dreannan tried to do it after the chicken like he wanted, we’d still be waiting to eat). Actual American biscuits thankyouverymuch! The amount of butter would have made Paula Dean smile with glee!

They look damn good if I do say so myself! And then we tried to do sweet potatoes fries because when everything is already covered in oil, butter or both, why eat anything healthy.

These we need to work on. A combination of traditional sweet potatoes and yams (which Dreannan was told were Jamaican sweet potatoes) aren’t a good idea. But, all in all, the meal was a full-on success! So much so, that Dreannan began to plan for a retry. Which I’m down for…the minute I forget to horror of the morning after where a flour stained kitchen needed to be cleaned, crumb laden table wiped and the smell of stale frying oil lingered for days.

The cook at work…