Today makes it my one year anniversary! I landed in London last year at this time and still can’t believe how quickly it all has gone. With my classes completed, I’m standing at the embankment of a plethora of opportunities. What’s next? That is the obvious question which led me to sit down with my journal and write it out.

Once opened, I realized that I hadn’t written in my journal in some time. My last entry was from August 2010…geez, I use to always write in here, especially for the new year but this time…nada. With me currently in a position needing guidance and a clear outlook for my future I decided better late than never, so I tried to put together a belated goals list for 2011.

But first you I needed to refer to past years and as I was flipping through the journal to see what my goals had been before, I instantly landed on my goals for 2008. Oh and did I have a list. Such a list that I broke it down into sub-sections: personal; professional; spiritual and financial (I’m sure I got that idea from Oprah which is where all my good ideas came from at that time). Here were just a small selection:

  • decide on whether to go to grad school, law school or business school
  • pay off outstanding bills from university
  • join another dating website
  • don’t date anymore ex’s
  • plan on relocating
  • no more retail or fashion jobs – become a proofreader or copyeditor
  • start writing again
  • meditate/yoga
  • go to a Bahi meeting

Reading this, I rolled over with laughter and joy. With the exception of the ‘go to a Bahi meeting’ I did everything on that list. Scrolling through random entires, I realized, that it took me nearly three years to actual tick them all off. This then gave me the surge to look to what I want to do not in the next year but how about the next three years since that seems to be the speed I’m working on. I’m thinking there needs to be some short term goals and long term goals.

So here goes a rough draft of 2011’s goals (and beyond):

  • find a place within my career that I love (short term)
  • sell a few scripts (long term)
  • enhance my networking skills (short term)
  • meet and make more friends (long term)
  • start paying student loans (short & long term & incredibly long term ;-( )
  • have a well padded savings account (short & long term & incredibly long term 😉 )

And that’s all I’ve got. For the first time – ever there’s no meet a guy, join another dating website…crap on my list. Yippie! And I couldn’t really come up with anything for spiritual; maybe try meditating again?!? I wasn’t so good at quieting the mind but it’d be good to give it another go. A lot on this list has to do with money. Maybe my goal should be to find a society that doesn’t run on cash but on love and bartering. Then that way this list would be a hell of a lot shorter and could be done in a year.

Yeah, I know…back to reality.

Here’s to looking back in three years time and being pleasantly thrilled by my success yet again.