As a screenwriter and filmmaker I need to be on the cutting edge. I need to be where the people are and doing what is of the moment. Which leads me to the question ‘Why don’t I tweet?!?’

I’m one of those people that is typically behind the times…dragging my feet to get abroad the newest thing. But Tweeter isn’t new. And I’ve been signed on to LinkedIn for the last three – no – four years, though my profile has never been completed. And what about Foursquare? Yea, what about it. Still don’t know why I’d want people to know where I am at every minute of everyday. Oh, there’s Facebook, which I’m on and use religiously. Then again my dad, uncle and two aunts are on FB so that isn’t a high horse to stand-on. Then there’s this blog which only a handful of people read when I send out reminders about it. The search engine facility is blocked. No tags words are listed. My real name isn’t even used.

If you know my full name, try googling me. I am unfindable in the virtual world.

But the problem is that I need to begin to market myself and my talent. People need to find me to employ me. And I hate the idea of people being able to find me. I love my anonymity.

When I went to the career center at the Uni, there job seeking advice was ‘join Facebook and friend people within the industry, get on Twitter and follow the people you admire, log into LinkedIn and…you get the picture. That was the advice they offered. Needless to say, I rolled my eyes and left the office.

Yesterday I got three emails from different film societies/groups/organizations talking about the best way for writers to market themselves. One from Raindance (which is a film organization based in the UK – labeled ‘Why Screenwriters and Filmmakers fail’ struck home. There two main reasons were lack of networking and marketing.

So the career center was on to something…sheesh.

Joseph, an old classmate, sent me the webpage he created for his feature film in hopes that it’ll help him sell it. Kmith is trying to tweet herself into her own TV show by relaying the funny things her son says (in a similar tone to Kelly Oxford who just got on a show on CBS) and has gone on to friend loads of people from UCLA and USC through Facebook (by pretending that she’s actually a student there). Ludvik’s daughter has begun working with two Icelandic production companies – translating French films, in the hopes that this may lead to a full-time job. And then there’s Burs.

Burs lives within this realm. He excels in this realm; he has his own twitter account, he is the voice of the London Bridges twitter account, he has a webpage for his business, a FB page for himself, a fan page for his business, makes business connections using LinkedIn, is the king or prince or whatever the nonsense title is when you check-in to a lot of places with Foursquare and just posted his first podcast. Burs is a tornado force when it comes to this whole on-line marketing/networking thing. It is amazing the amount of business meetings he gets through these systems and I’m doing my best to follow suit rather than just staring with mouth wide open. But where does one begin when there are so many options?!?

I think my first step may be twitter. I’m funny (on occasion). And observe lots of things in everyday life. With those two I should be a shoe-in for twitter. Luckily, with the Raindance article they attached 10 tools for breaking into Twitter which I’m going to give a good read to. When I ran it by Burs, his advice was to be clear what I want my account to be for. Personal or business? I’m going with business and will go about following all the big wigs within the industry, here and in Hollywood. With this one move, I’ll just have to keep on plowing ahead.

Here’s me jumping without a net into the big, bad world of on-line marketing.