For myself. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been coming across bloggers who have landed book deals, TV shows, film contracts, proper writing jobs and the like. It all started with Diablo Cody. Now there’s a whirlwind of these people out there and it’s just struck me that there’s a viable option through this. But I’ve been lacking. Hardly been writing because I’m so busy with what…life?!?

So I’m going to try and write everyday. I’m not doing this for it to lead somewhere. At least, not with this blog but to just get into the habit of writing everyday which is a custom that needs to stick with me. I’ll enjoy it for a few days then hit a wall and won’t return. Right now, I’ve been on a break from writing since my course ended. It’s been nearly six weeks. I’ve worked on outlines, formed lists with ideas I have and toyed with the idea of making revisions to my feature script but haven’t written a brand new word yet. This has got to stop!

I’m one of those people that loves to do something until I see it as my job and then, poof, I’m suddenly reluctant to do it anymore. My stint as a personal shopper rings true to that. I LOVE shopping: for myself or for gifts. I’ll even play tag-along and help a friend buy a new wardrobe. I get a high from it, no matter what. That was until I tried to make it a job. I went out on two expeditions with two different women and by the end of day two, I never wanted to see a store again. It took a long time before I could feel the same way about being in a store, as well as my adoration for the feel of fabric. And now that I’ve labeled myself a writer…I’m finding the same inner resistance.

So to stop that from taking hold, I extend this challenge to myself. Everyday means everyday and not, write three posts in one day and change the dates. Today is day one and for the next thirty days I’m going to do my best. NO. Better than my best! Be sure that some days will just be rubbish random thoughts but a challenge is a challenge. Here we go…