It’s on another TV show if you could imagine that. Rather than it being something new, it’s one of the oldest TV shows in British history.

Dr Who

Lil Burs adores the show. Talks about it all the time. I usually nod my head and zone out but not today. All thanks to the

Yup, for a near small fortune you can take the family to experience Dr Who. Oh, and did we experience. I’m now a pro on all the Dr.’s, their companions and enemies. I’m an encyclopedia of Dr Who knowledge. Oh, and I must share it with you….but first I must ask the question – Have you ever had such loyalty to a TV show?

When lil Burs likes something – she loves it! And her two favorite things are Harry Potter and Dr Who. And because of that love she has wands, caps, magazines and any other fan based goodies she can get her hands on. In the realm of the Doctor, she has two sonic screwdrivers (one actual one and one as a stylus), three Tardis piggy banks, a Dalek that moves around the floor screeching ‘exterminate exterminate’ and two Weeping Angels (or something like that). Oh, and a fez cap. And the notebook she picked up yesterday…I’m sure if I went into her room I’d see several things I either didn’t realize were part of the Doctor show or didn’t know she had.

As a kid, I didn’t have such devotion to anything. Of course, I also wasn’t into anything Sci-fi either. Did I miss out on a certain experience, of sorts?!? There were kids there dressed as different Doctors and having a blast!! Lil Burs herself walked through the event with a friend from school grasping her sonic screwdriver – ready to banish any evil-neardowells that would cross our paths. And it must be said, even big Burs had a blast. As a child he watched the show too and though older now, and ‘not as into it’, I did peep him looking longingly at the Doctor of his time. He (secretly) loved it!

And hopefully they’ll be more Doctors to come. It’s an enterprise that shouldn’t be squashed…ever! Here are some facts to know about the show (if you’ve never had the experience that is and actually give a hoot):


There have been nine Doctors, to date. In 1966 when the writers had to find a way to make the series continue despite the then actor’s contract ending, they created the idea that he can ‘regenerate’. (Which is genius from a writers view point. Seriously!)

Of course, my problem with that one idea is that though he should change face and maybe even dress, he shouldn’t change personality. He is, still, the same person. But with every regeneration, his entire demeanor changes. How can he go for being completely serious, even darkish character to then a light-hearted comedian. Doesn’t that bother anyone else?!?

Anyway, Lil Burs favorite is the current Doctor played by Matt Smith. Who, I must admit, is very cute in his bow tie and floppy hair. Burs swears that Tom Baker, Doctor #4 was the best of them all and a woman working the event piped in and noted that Doctor 7, Christopher Eccelston, was dreamy thanks in part to his ‘dark demeanor'(Whatever floats your boat, mum).


Apparently each Doctor has a side-kick or travel companion to go with the series. They can have up to three people on the road with them. I breezed through most of them except for the story of Martha Jones. Martha was the main companion to Doctor 8 and according to the little note written about their relationship they were in love but due to you know, trying to save the world, they had a hard go of it. It seems, this sort of story line is rare in the Doctors world. Loved that even more!


There are so many of them that I don’t even know where to begin. Which was my favorite? None. Maybe, which is the scariest? Hmm…none again. After all, I’ve never watched the show. Ok, I do know that both Burs find Daleks scary (in big Burs defense, he was seven at the time).

And there was one funny one. This one:

Because it looks like he has swallowed Burs. That and there was also a head peeking out of his butt (the girls caught that one). So I’ll label this one the funniest.

After all this Dr Who stuff, I’ve decided to give it a watch. Maybe my impression of it will change with an actual viewing.