Ah, some new experiences have been under foot the last couple of days.

Me sewing. I’ve sewn before mind you – a missing button, a small hole in the crotch of a pair of new pants. That’s always been pretty much it. However the other day, Lil Burs came in with a her knee torn on a her pair of favorite jeans. My initial idea was to throw them away. They’re old. No reason to save them. There’s a few more defects on the jeans, so no major loss.

Ah, but they’re her FAVORITE PAIR!!! ‘Couldn’t I put a patch there instead?’ Of course! But who can expect an eleven year old to sew a patch over a large hole in her jeans. Which is where I come in. The thing is everything I’ve ever sewn has been small, like I stated above and well this, this is a new experience.

And as I’ve pricked my finger for the sixth time, was left asking myself. ‘Why wasn’t I ever taught to do this better?’ Alas, I just hope that I don’t leave a trail of blood all over the patch of the jeans.

The second experience are my nails. Daaaang Girl!!!

We had friends around for dinner the other night and the woman in this pair has embarked on a new hobby. Nail art! She came over, armed with a nail kit and examples of her art. The art – polka dots, leopard print, strawberries, cherries and pics of people (check out the link above). Oh, and there were some stones glued onto to nails. Lil Burs jumped at the chance. I was more reluctant.

Since moving here, I’ve been remised about the fact that I simple can’t go out and get a manicure the way I use to. Why not? Because it is fucking expensive here!!! When you’ve lived in the land of the 8 dollar mani (which would be about £5.50 here) suddenly paying £30 is ludicrous. And it instantly becomes a luxury you can live without. And even when I did get my nails professionally done, it never…NEVER would have had a picture of a strawberry on it nor leopard print. But a girls got to learn to try something new. And in the end, its nail polish. Don’t like it, then take it off the next day. No harm, no foul.

Once it was all done, both me and Lil Burs had really cute nails. And our manicurist was super nice! With continuous offers to come back and paint our nails again, it was pure joy! Would I do it again? For free, hell yes. To pay for it…uh, no. But it was nice to give it a try and see how the chicks up in the Bronx are such big fans of.

You may be asking yourself ‘Why is one nail black?’ Well, you’re just not hip, is the answer. It’s Shoreditch chic, innit!