I’ve already missed a day in writing every month…all because I was busy.

YOU HEAR THAT PEOPLE – Me busy. I wasn’t just sitting on my huff all day eating bon-bons and watching the soaps.

Let me explain – at the dinner party where I got my nails did, the couple in residence, after chatting about how I came to be here, my film ideas and how I was doing with my course being completed asked ‘So what do you do all day then?’ Either Burs or I gave a funny quip, more or less and the subject moved on. But  that question has stuck with me ever since.

The fact that I know it’s on peoples mind is like this monkey on my back. And outside of my parents asking, no one has really come out and simply asked. So why does any one else give a crap? Now I feel like I should be wearing a sign at every moment stating what I’m doing at every moment of every day.

Maybe they’re just jealous.  And yes, I’m fully aware that I sound like some whiny wimp. Most days I don’t care what people are thinking but some how, in that moment, it stuck with me. The only person who should care is Burs. Who, funny enough, is the only level-headed person reminding me that I’ve only been out of school for a month. And that it take me up to a year to find a place in my career that I’m excited about, so I should just calm down and do independent projects or any other projects I’m passionate about. The person that I’m closest to is the only one who gets it.

But for those nay-sayers and schedule watchers here was my day yesterday ( which was one of those glorious days where I got loads done): actually found three jobs online that speak to what it is I want to do, worked on an outline for a new story, created a shooting script for a short film I’ve been (trying for what seems like forever) planning to film, also created a shot list for said project, made plans to meet with a potential DoP (the guy who handles the camera and makes sure the lighting is right), then went to a lecture and networking event for female screenwriters and last but not least, came home to an entertaining night chatting with Burs and a mate of his. So there!

(Though looking at that least it looks like I did, well, fuck all. Geez, was that really it. Hmm…)

When my head hit the pillow I was pleased with the day and was wondering how I could let the whole world know what I was getting into before the realization hit that I’ve got to find a shit load of things to do again. Tomorrow. Sheesh…